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The ISM Art Prize

It takes great courage to post naked photos of oneself here at ISM, and Ainsley C's folio, "First Morning", takes the exposure one step further. Baring her scars for the first time, Ainsley takes on the whole world at once - daring us to look, and to love her as much as she loves herself. Along with the emotional depth of this exposure comes an elegantly enacted theme of emergence, deep vivid colors, and beautifully framed closeups, making Ainsley_C's debut folio a shoo-in for July's Art Prize. Congratulations!
$500 prize!
Each month we award $500 to the most outstanding prime folio. Shoot yourself now for a chance to win. Check out the previous winners

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Editors Pick week 563
editors pick week 563

Artist: ALEX_F
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Artist name: Coco_J
Birthplace: Myrtleford, Australia.
Currently living in: Australia.
Occupation: Barista.
Age: 24.
Weight: 49kgs.
Starsign: Scorpio.
The biggest passion in my life: Is travelling and seeing different cultures, I am a gypsy's daughter.
I like to listen to: rain on a tin roof, this reminds me of when I was younger and camping in the caravan.
I like to watch: the clouds change shape and the world spin behind them.
I like to smell: the ocean. I grew up near the coast and I always feel at home when I smell the ocean.

New Releases

Aug 27, 2014 louah//"ageofblossoms" Video
Louah, rising from sleep, shares with us the deep intimacies of her morning routine - a cigarette rolled and placed between her lips, a rummage in the fridge, and what's under (or not under) her short skirt when she finally leaves the house. These are the gaps that generally get filled in during years of knowing someone, but Louah takes us backwards through the process - so close at the beginning, and strangers once again at the end.
video  |   Primary
Aug 27, 2014 Coco_J//"home_away" vote to hitlist
"I knew of a lovely area in the Otways - my friend's back yard. This place is beautiful, a lot of love has gone into this propety, and has been enjoyed by all growing up and running around barefoot and mothers growing their families' food in the garden, gathering eggs from the chickens and sharing a bath with their lovers under the sky and amoungst the trees. I enjoyed being free from my clothing out in the freshness of this beautiful place."
photos  |   Primary
Aug 26, 2014 Nawelle//"nu_toujours" vote to hitlist
"Je regardais des photo artistique nue sur internet et finalement j'ai decide d'en faire aussi. Au debut dificile de trouver de bonne position, un bon angle, mais petit a petit, m'amusant beaucoup toute seule j'ai passe 3heure a me prendre en photo. Decouvrant finalement mon corps quand se fut fini, decouvrant le potentiel de chaque corps dans le monde...j'aimais deja etre nue, mais apres cette apres midi d'aventure, je veux etre nue tout le temps."
photos  |   Primary
Aug 25, 2014 mew//"think_pink"
"I love to dress up and be all girly sometimes, and pink was the colour of the day! Between moving house and the craziness of it all, it was nice to take some "me" time and just relax and show all the pink I could. Now, it's back to packing up the boxes, but in style of course, wearing my beautiful pink dress for the day!"
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Aug 25, 2014 Bessie//"little_leaf" vote to hitlist
"I didn't really have a theme for this folio, it was just an expression of myself. I guess if anything, it's a nice tour of my crappy house. I would have liked to have taken more pictures in the great wilderness that is my garden, but unfortunately, this is New Zealand, and of course it rained all day. At first, I was feeling timid. I never usually chill out in my home naked, due to living with housemates. But after a while, I started to become more comfotable. And then before you know it, I didn't want to put my clothes back on!"
photos  |   Primary
Aug 24, 2014 Joy_M_&_Tonino//"CoupleEnjoue_2"
"J'ai beaucoup aimer cet experience , cela m'a surtout donner envie d'etre nu plus souvent, je l'ai partager avec ma cherie, on a eu beaucoup de fun, on s'est montrer un peux a la vu des gens sans le vouloir forcement mais au final on s'en fiche. On a eu du fun et je recommence quand vous voulez, merci beaucoup ISM!"
photos  |   Duet
Aug 24, 2014 Alex_F//"interwoven" vote to hitlist
"I really like the way my nipples look though thin material of lace. It's almost teasing. I started to really focus on incorporating the lace and light into my shoot, using it to hide parts of my body, tie around myself, and use the shadows the fabric made with the sun shining through it on my skin."
photos  |   Primary
Aug 23, 2014 Misty_G//"breakthrough" vote to hitlist
"The grey scene of the U.K weather can really get you down! One day the rain stopped. My clothes came off and I was at one with nature. I can't think of anything better to do with a secluded forest and a dry day!"
photos  |   Primary
Aug 22, 2014 alycia//"tick_tock"
"I moved some furniture around in my living room and played with a fur rug while I started to undress myself, front door wide open to let in the last of the daylight. As I started shooting I could hear the sound of the rain beginning to fall outside. Neighbours' car doors slamming made me excited and nervous that they might see... I could feel the humidity rising in the room from the rain and felt the damp stickyness clinging to my skin as I was lying in the chair."
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