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The ISM Art Prize

Mia muses in magenta. Turning her camera to her body, she discovers its rawness through a new lens. She breaks plant stems to release the foamy sap, letting it mingle with intimate hairs and pinching the stems between her toes. Fluffy cream smears over her bellybutton, lipstick brightens lips, coconut oil readies her partner for a massage. Thank you Mia _Tszaki, for giving us a glimpse into your special stripe of the colour spectrum, and congratulations on winning April's Art Prize!
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Editors Pick week 662
editors pick week 662

Artist: JAH
Folio: "I_SLAY"
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Artist name: Suzie_J
Birthplace: Australia
Currently living in: A house
Occupation: Bar bitch
Age: 29
Height: 165cm
Starsign: Scorpio
The biggest passion in my life: Being at peace with my inner self and my body
I like to listen to: Waves, raining and babies lauging
I like to watch: The sunrise over the ocean, people and birds flying
I like to smell: When Rain is in the air

New Releases

May 25, 2016 Suzie_J//"rainbow_road" vote to hitlist
"My girlfriend and I took my dog for a walk as an excuse for me to get naked on a Macadamia farm. While shooting myself, I got out of my dogs line of sight (which he was not happy about) He literally dragged my girlfriend down a slippery and muddy hill until he could see me again. Then he sat patiently and waited until I was done taking pictures."
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May 24, 2016 Lu_A//"amber_soleil" vote to hitlist
"I chose the very old, rusty rooftop of my house for my shoot. My favourit time of the day is dawn, when the light is golden and crisp, so at 6am I was precariously clambering with a mirror across the creaking roof. I'd picked a perfect, cloudless day wich also ment it was freezing and I was seriously reluctant to take all my warm layers off! It didn't take long for me to get into the feeling of the shoot once I started snapping. I had heaps of fun playing with the angles and using the blue of the sky to complement my eyes and the red of the lipstick to set off my hair. I incorporated the use of an apple to add another dynamic to the shoot, giving the eye something else to focus on around the curves and skin. The rooftop was a great location, and added a level of 'will someone see me?" excitement to the whole thing. One thing I didn't take into consideration was how dirty the roof was! By the end of my picture snapping, I was covered in mud."
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May 23, 2016 Lola_K//"skyview" vote to hitlist
"The shoot was entertaining. I was slightly nervous at first then got more conformable and started having fun with it. Going outside was interesting as there are a few neigbours around and I was worried but excited about that. I may have fell on the bed a few times and left handprints on the windows trying to balance."
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May 23, 2016 Lana_E//"LaundryDay"
"Shooting this folio was all about luxuriating in my new black lingerie. I absolutely love the feel of it on my skin, the way the tight elastic of the undies cuts gently into the soft flesh of my hips, how the thin lace stretches tight over my nipples. Nothing makes me feel sexier."
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May 22, 2016 Ani_S//"melodious" vote to hitlist
"For my 25th year on Earth, I have embarked on a journey around the world, and find myself currently in Byron Bay, Australia. I have been in such awe of Australia's wild nature, so raw and honest in its beauty. This series of photographs was inspired by the natural beauty around me. De-clothing and becoming part of this landscape has been an empowering and pleasurable experience. Please enjoy and remember to love yourself and be good to others."
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May 21, 2016 Jah//"I_slay" vote to hitlist
"I have really large, natural breasts and some of the shots I felt wouldn't be flattering. I know I will look back and think, 'what are those giant lumps doing? Please remain in your designated seating area'."
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May 21, 2016 Beri//"cerise"
"For this shoot I got all romantic and decided to have a fire in my bedroom to try and capture a more intimate and sensual mood than my shoots in broad daylight. The fire didn't really get going but my internal fire did! I felt like I was on a date with myself and I loved playing around with the mirror and feeling the soft sheets on my skin."
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May 20, 2016 Courtney_G//"light_of_mine" vote to hitlist
"I loved getting more comfortable with my naked body with each picture I took. It felt (almost) normal to be naked ANYWHERE. I found myself sprawled out on this fur rug and got extremely turned on. I fought it, thinking I was being ridiculous, then thought, "don't deny yourself pleasure". My fingers moved down there, with the door wide open, imagining my girlfriend on top of me. This folio is all about allowing myself to feel - good, sexy, confident."
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May 20, 2016 Mae_E//"stranded_siren"
"Hello, beautiful strangers! This is my second I Shot Myself Folio, and as my long romantic affair with nature continues, I decided to take this one at the beach. With warm weather and perfect sunshine, I travelled to Brighton and Sandringham beaches, where the sand is pristine and the water crystal clear. A stranded siren upon the beach, the setting was perfect for my pale skin, and even some starfishes were involved!"
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