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The ISM Art Prize

Artist: SHIVA
Shiva's joie de vivre shines through in her luminous primary folio, "northern_light". Natural elements - wood, flowers, water, sun - are brought together in a playful reinterpretation of the Japanese tea ceremony, taking place on the landscape of Shiva's bare skin. For capturing the joy of creative erotic play and infecting us with a contagious smile, we award September's Art Prize to Shiva. Congratulations!
$250 prize!
Each month we award $250 to the most outstanding prime folio. Shoot yourself now for a chance to win. Check out the previous winners

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Editors Pick week 622
editors pick week 622

Artist: ASH_B
Folio: "THE_REAL_ME"
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Artist name: Lucy_D
Birthplace: Hobart.
Currently living in: Melbourne.
Occupation: Artist.
Age: 19.
Height: 168cm.
Weight: 55kg.
Starsign: Capricorn.
The biggest passion in my life: My friends and family, and music.
I like to listen to: the sound of trains as they go past my house.
I like to watch: kittens playing!
I like to smell: clean laundry and freshly cut grass.

New Releases

Oct 04, 2015 Lucy_D//"earn_my_stripes" vote to hitlist
"I took my photos in a secret garden kind of environment. It was really nice to be in the peace and quiet as I'm used to living in the city, surrounded by noise. I wasn't even too bothered when I got mud between my toes. Thankfully none of the bike riders noticed me hiding behind a rock as they were riding past!"
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Oct 03, 2015 Molly_V//"animality" vote to hitlist
"I wanted to contrast my bare skin with animal print and animal hide, as I think we create our own animal shell with the clothing we wear every day of our lives. The cow hide, my naked body, and the courtyard overrun with weeds led me to think of the shoot on a level of decadence and decay. My own flesh against the skin of another animal felt odd but natural in some sense. And I don't think I have ever spent so much time staring at my own labia! It was a beautiful achievement of mine to feel so natural in a completely unnatural environment to me."
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Oct 02, 2015 Marina_L//"prickle_tickles"
"My first outdoor folio! It was actually the middle of winter but an awesome sunny day so I coudldn't resist getting naked in the yard. I love being naked outdoors more than just about anything. My cat wanted a bit of ISM action as well and hopefully she'll do her own folio soon :)."
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Oct 02, 2015 Isabelle_G//"faire_la_quitte" vote to hitlist
"Ce fut une experience tres intime avec moi meme dans cette lumiere du jour. Cette partie de la journee ou les ames restent couvertes de vetements./ It was a very intimate experience with me even in the daylight. This part of the day, the souls are covered with clothing."
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Oct 01, 2015 Anna_Belle//"cuter_than_sexy" vote to hitlist
"My shoot was inspired by the April 1974 issue of Playboy magazine which featured Marlene Morrow, lounging on an antique sofa in a little white and baby pink hat. She was far more cute than she was sexy and it reminded me of myself."
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Sep 30, 2015 redbird//"ukelady_3" Video
In the final part of the Redbird trilogy, we meet Special Agent Scully again as well as a half naked Bruce Lee. Expect more ridiculously cute ukulele playing, dancing, boob drumming and a rather sad sign off from Redbird. Please return soon!!! xxx
video  |   Primary
Sep 30, 2015 Bonita_A//"fighting_fit" vote to hitlist
"This was my first shoot for IShotMyself. It was shot in my gym where I also live. It was a little nerve racking because somebody could've come in at any moment and seen me naked taking selfies which could've been awkward... but luckily nobody walked in. I started by wrapping my hands and messing around with some gloves, then got naked and oiled myself up and just had some fun with the camera."
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Sep 29, 2015 Lilo//"painted_smile" vote to hitlist
"I tried to show my personality in my folio. I love lipstick and liked the thought of shooting myself with nothing but a painted smile. As I was shooting I would grab some things of mine to shoot with. I laughed when I was shooting with my hula hoop and realised I could have a go at shooting myself whilst hula hooping. I wanted more shots with my ukelele but that was a little difficult. I think I was gradually having more and more fun the more I shot. My boyfriend had a laugh watching me find different ways to shoot myself!"
photos  |   Primary
Sep 28, 2015 Pixie_P//"e_Feckt"
"I'm a punk rock schoolgirl getting naughty in an alleyway... dirty and grimey and graffiting in the nude, peeking around the corner to make sure no one catches me. No stilettos here, no photoshop or fakeness, just real street art and a cheeky miniskirt. Maybe you could turn a corner one day and see me getting up to mischief..."
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