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The ISM Art Prize

Artist: POPPY_S
Poppy_s never saw herself reflected in the mainstream pornographic image. She defined her image through her own lens, and captured more than just her physical form. What emerged was a dance of binaries: private and public, hidden and revealed, sexualised and raw, represented literally in black, white and shades of grey. Congratulations, Poppy_S, on providing ISM with more 'mind masturbation', and winning a much deserved Art Prize!
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Editors Pick week 674
editors pick week 674

Artist: BLEU
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Artist name: Lo_D
Birthplace: Hobart
Occupation: Sales Assistant
Age: 22
Height: 157
Starsign: Leo
The biggest passion in my life: Paleontology
I like to listen to: The 1975 - all day, everyday
I like to watch: Any film from the Jurassic Park series
I like to smell: Vanilla candles/incense

New Releases

Aug 31, 2016 Lo_D//call_the_shots
"This experience has opened me up to a different type of modelling, as self portraits and shooting myself is something brand new for me. I found it more challenging than expected, and I am excited to keep working on these kinds of projects. I look forward to more opportunities and expanding my shoots to different locations and learning how to use my body whilst shooting myself. I find this kind of modelling less limiting to what I'm used to, because I can call all the shots with poses."
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Aug 30, 2016 Lana_D//"dream_queen"
"This whole process was much more fun and much more work than I had first estimated. I really enjoyed soaking up the sun on my naked skin. The process of self portraiture, setting a mood, working with light and shape to make interesting images felt rewarding. I was going for playful, bratty, colourful and cute vibes. Also, I was very lucky that my friend who I was staying with had lots of props to work with. They won a raffle and the prize was a basket of sex toys. (Also note: I would recommend everyone to make sure any toys they have or obtain are 100% body safe before using them beyond props)."
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Aug 29, 2016 Laura_N//"rustic_home"
"Was fuer ein schoener Tag! Die Sonne scheint in meinen Hintergarten... da gehe ich doch lieber mal raus und lasse sie direkt auf meine Haut scheinen! Ich fuehle die warmen Strahlen, wie sie meine Arme streicheln. Es wird zu heiss unter meinen Klamotten, also ziehe ich sie besser langsam aus.//What a lovely day, the sun is shining in my back yard. I should go outside and let it shine onto my skin directly. I feel the warm sun beams stroke my arms. It's getting too hot under my clothes, so I should better take them off slowly."
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Aug 29, 2016 Bridgie_B//"uni_faun"
"I shot indoors and outdoors at my friend's place in Warragul. It's not that private, I think the neighbours will look at me differently now! It was hard not to get frowny face as it was so sunny but I was having fun, I promise. I'm obsessed with the floral wallpaper indoors and the green living room suite. I thought the pink bubblegum and the orange wallpaper looked super cute. It's fun finding cool places to be nude!"
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Aug 28, 2016 Sela_D//"techno_logical"
"I wanted to feel as at peace and comfortable as possible during the shoot. I started my morning with Pilates and an Eckhart Tolle guided meditation. I then proceeded to change around all the furniture in my lover's room. I decided to put on some video art I had made on my computer screens and to complete the vibe I picked the perfect ambient/techno set. The setting and atmosphere was perfect. I started to shoot and before I knew it I had completely lost myself in a nice, happy and fun state. I couldn't actually believe how much fun I ended up having!"
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Aug 27, 2016 Flur//"Zie_je_daar"
"I recently moved to a new room. I inspected my new house and garden, and a squatted old school in the neighbourhood. I am a critical and dreamy person. I think people don't take care of the planet, and that most also don't have healthy interactions with themselves and others. I see schools as being mind control, and like the symbolic idea of taking nude photos in an old school building. I am looking forward to the day that I live self sufficient in nature, without schools, tv and cement buildings. Till that day.../ Ik ben recent verhuisd naar een nieuwe kamer en nieuwe buurt. Ik ben met m'n camera op pad gegaan in de verschillende plekjes in mn nieuwe huis, tuin en een kraakpand in de buurt. Ik ben een avontuurlijk, kritisch en dromend persoon. Er wordt niet goed met de wereld omgegaan, en mensen gaan ook niet goed met elkaar en zichzelf om. Ik zie scholen als mind control, en vond het symbolisch mooi om naakt foto's te maken in een oude school. Ik kijk uit naar de dag dat ik zelfvoorzienend ben in de natuur, zonder scholen, tv en cement om me heen. Zie je daar."
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Aug 27, 2016 Abby_K//"Black_Lace"
"As a true Melbournian, I am obsessed with black and everything in my wardrobe is black. I wanted to feature my favourite piece at the moment which is a lace top and I am all about the blazer so I included that too. It fits the winter weather profile at the moment as well."
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Aug 26, 2016 Lila_G//"morning_light"
The late, great and wonderful Prince Rogers Nelson may have sung of the promise to see Jesus in the morning light (after 'Thunder' all through the night) but I'll take Lila G today, any day, everyday. Jesus got nothing on those green eyes.
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Aug 26, 2016 Meg_A//"my_milkshake"
"ISM was quite the experience. My friend got me on board and I didn't hesitate for one moment, even though I knew it would be a challenge. It was a challenge not only because I had to think outside of the box, but also because I had to take being 'sexy' and 'confident' seriously. I have never been confident with my body but it's crazy how empowered I feel now after this shoot! I kept telling myself, fuck it, just have fun, and I so did! I'm forever grateful for this experience and I WILL be back :)"
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